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This section is the repository for vbAccelerator's library of techniques and code.

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Graphics and GDI

Drawing With Textures

Fading Out Selected Areas Using UpdatedLayeredWindow

Creating Drop-Shadows

Flicker Free API Drawing

Tiling Bitmaps into Controls, Forms and MDI Form backgrounds

Changing Window Shapes

Draw disabled, colourised and dithered icons with the DrawState GDI function

Creating Single Pixel Dotted Lines


Last Updated: 28 March 2003

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Subclassing and Hooking with Machine Code Thunks

VB's AddressOf is limited in that it can only provide an address to a function within a module, and not one in a class. This makes doing many things with it harder. However, there is a way of getting a callback to a class function, although you need to know a little assembler to do it. Don't worry if you don't though - here Paul Caton presents some fantastic reusable code showing how to subclass or hook any Window without modules using this technique.


Last Updated: 20 February 2003

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Splitting Aligned Controls on MDI Forms

Splitting the Easy Way


Last Updated: 11 February 2003

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Introduction to the freeware Info-ZIP libraries

Unzipping files using the free Info-Zip Unzip DLL with VB

Zipping files using the free Info-Zip Zip DLL (now with encryption support)

Compressing and Expanding with the Freeware zLib.DLL


Last Updated: 26 January 2003

HiResTimer Library

High Resolution Multimedia Timer

The standard timer supplied with VB is great for most tasks, but the frequency it updates at isn't acceptable for high-performance multimedia. In audio applications the system must be capable of firing audio events with a 1ms resolution, otherwise the ear will be able to discern the timing inaccuracy.

This article presents a small, hardcore multimedia timer capable of 1ms resolution in VB code.


Last Updated: 21 November 2002

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Icons without forms and document association icons in VB

Storing and Showing HTML Resources in a VB Application

Reading Data from Local or External Library Resources

Using RC.EXE


Last Updated: 3 January 2002

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XML Property Bag


Last Updated: 21 March 2000

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Multi-Threaded VB Using ActiveX EXEs


Last Updated: 1 January 2000