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The Icon Library is here to help creating good looking applications. It includes most of the standard icons (file, edit, internet) you use most, and some more random ones. Even if you don't find exactly what you want, you'll often get a good starting point for building a better icon!

Related Utilities

vbAccelerator Icon Library

Win2000 Icon Library
Thanks to David Miles for extracting this great selection of icons from the Win2000 beta, all in multiple sizes and colour depths.

Image Strips
These downloads contain picture strips for use with the vbAccelerator CoolMenu Toolbar and Rebar control or the vbAccelerator ImageList control and class:

Animated Cursors
Thanks to √ėyvind Skogsrud for sending the great selection of animated cursors you see here. Don't forget to check out the article Animated Cursors in VB to see how you can use them in your business app.

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