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Visual Basic Explorer
"A Place For The Visual Basic Newbie". This is a great site for novice VB programmers to learn Visual Basic, featuring links, a large tutorial section, source code, downloads, message boards, book and product reviews, tips and tricks and more.

Some nicely written articles, many containing fresh information (which is always good to see). I enjoyed articles here on Writing Console Apps and Using ShellDocVwCtrl. Not quite sure whether it deserves the modest tagline ("The leading online information source for Visual Basic developers"), though!

A very attractively designed site featuring source code, tutorials, messages and links with the goal: "To help the Visual Basic community grow and learn with the changing technology and to teach those who are new to the programming community."

Visual Basic Helper
A nice site by Visual Basic book author Rod Stephens with lots of features about his books, source code, tutorials, competitions.

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