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VB Source Code Databases
Another rather fine automated site with an impressive update frequency - some 150x quicker than vbAccelerator at its worst :(
There's lots of code here, and some well-known VB authors contributing to the site as well, highlighted nicely by the Developer of the Month feature at the site. At the time of writing, the hot download was SendMail.DLL - and it seems rather a good - a full code SMTP mail client implemented using the MS Winsock control with Base64 encoding to support multiple attachments.

Planet Source Code
Planet Source code is a searchable online database with tens of thousands of lines of free Visual Basic code, ranging from simple string manipulation routines to complete programs. It also has a discussion area where VB coders can ask questions and share information.
Use the neat search and you may even come across vbAccelerator's author in his first formative attempt to spread VB code! Also other code shoplifted from this site can be found there. Steal and be proud!
Another nice source code database with good searching functions, containing hundreds of Visual Basic source code snippets and files. Apparently (not tested by this author) you can enter an e-mail address and have individual snippets e-mailed to you! Cool!

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