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Some really neat stuff to download:

  • ActiveX Documenter
    This all-VB application uses TLBINF32.DLL (the one used by VB's object browser) to investigate the interfaces of compiled ActiveX documents. This release allows you to quickly browse an ActiveX object's members, copy the member definitions as fully formatted VB code to your own application and also creates a superb documentation template using the procedure attributes built into the ActiveX object's Type Lib.

    This is a must download if you're trying to create help files for your ActiveX objects. The next release (due sometime...) will be even more powerful - you'll be able to create Superclasses of existing ActiveX objects, choosing where you want to delegate interfaces, and it will generate fully hyperlinked HTML documentation.

    Includes full source code, with some serious features- all-VB RichEdit, Rebar and Toolbar controls.

  • New!Search and Replace
    I developed this VB app to fix some of the problems I was having with my website pages. It allows you to build simple but effective multiple directory search criteria, allowing you to find a range of text with various exclusion parameters. Nice source code brings together XML property bags, System Image Lists, flat headers colour-highlighting in the RichEdit control and much more!

  • VB Type Library registration utility
    This all-VB application uses the registry, OLE interfaces and TLBINF32.DLL to allow you to register, unregister and check the condition of your Type Library registrations.

    Whilst you can register and unregister TLBs using VB's Project References window, I've found that this utility works better than VB5 in registering version compatible libraries.

  • Icon Extractor
    This application allows you to steal icons from resources in other applications. Full source code supplied shows how to:
    • Enumerate resources in a file
    • Load all icon resources from a resource file (not just resources at the system default colour depth as is usual with the Win32 API).
    • Load all icon resource from a .ICO file.
    • Save to a .ICO file with multiple icons (sizes and colour depths)
    • Create an new type of Icon List box in VB code.
    The icon support provided here is many times more serious than the dismal LoadPicture and SavePicture method provided with VB. You get absolute control over which Image sizes and colour depths are loaded. This source code is a good basis for a fully-blown Icon Editor - I'm having a go at developing one, perhaps you can write a cooler one before I do?

  • Goldfish
    Goldfish are reputed to have a short term memory of somewhere around 2 seconds (in which respect they're rather like the author of this website, but they swim somewhat better).

    So it is also with Window's clipboard - how many times have you copied something and then thought 'Arse! I wanted that'. Or if you've started up VB with an add-in and it suddenly decides to clear your clipboard to show its button. Goldfish is here to help. Goldfish remembers your previous entries and lets you get them back again. Well, at least for a short while, anyway!

    You can get your entries back again with Full Formatting, and you can print them too.

And some rather idiotic items:

  • Buzzword Bingo (51kb)
    Do you keep falling asleep in meetings? Play Buzzword Bingo and keep your attention up even during the mumbler's turn. The classic buzzword bingo in a rather pathetic Excel form. Now in 3D colour! (NB this was not my creation).

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