Items Not Displayed When More Than 30 Items Added to a Bar


Id: 12138.10
Type: Bug Bug
Current Status: Resolved


8 Nov 2003 Open TRH

Greetings and sorry to bother you - I could not find a KB or Forum to find the answer I need. I am useing the Explorer Bar control in a VB6 project, and I have about 7 bars within the control loading at runtime via code

1 of the Bars has many (maybe 100+) items being loaded into it - as far as I can tell all of them load into the bar but they do not all display in the bar - there is a blank background gap at the bottom of the bar and the mouse turns into a hand when hovered over this area.

10 Nov 2003 Resolution Identified Steve McMahon

The cause of this problem was that the size of the offscreen memory DC used to render bars was restricted to the height of the control. If the number of items added to a bar exceeded the height of the control, then the display was truncated. Fixed by adding code to pMeasure() to check the size of the largest bar. If the largest bar height exceeds the height of the offscreen DC then the offscreen DC is expanded.

11 Nov 2003 Resolved Steve McMahon