Feature Request: Ability to disable animations for Expand/Collapse


Id: 12138.18
Type: Issue Issue
Current Status: Open


20 Nov 2003 Open Steve McMahon

Ok, there should really be a property in the control that allows you to stop the animation, but there isn't.

You're right that Redraw = False would fix it, but also right that there is no BeforeBarStateChange event that you could use to do that.

There are two possible workarounds:

1) the version released on Saturday 15th November is a bit quicker than the last one, don't know if you have given that a try yet?

2) If you add a control to a bar, the animation is switched off automatically. Perhaps you could add a very thin PictureBox with TabStop = False to the bar?

More generally, the control should check for slow CPU and automatically disable animations.

20 Nov 2003 Open Sebastian Melgin

I`m using your ExplorerBar, and when the user collapses or expand a titlebar, we need to stop the expanding and collapsing animations, because when we have many items, it´s slower. The control includes a Redraw property. But I can`t find a way to set Redraw = false just after the user press the expand button and just before the expanding effect comes to life.

Sebastian Melgin.

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