Font Property of cExplorerBarItem does not work


Id: 12138.2
Type: Bug Bug
Current Status: Resolved


6 Jul 2003 Open Michael

I just tried the following code but I could not see any change in either font.size or other attributes.

With Me.xpSM.Bars("Programm").Items
    .Add , "Konfiguration", "Konfiguration", Me.vbACIL.ItemIndex("Config") - 1
    .Add , "Handbuecher", "Hilfe und Dokumentation",
Me.vbACIL.ItemIndex("Help") - 1
    .Add , "Close", "Programm beenden", Me.vbACIL.ItemIndex("Ok") - 1
    With sFnt
        .Name = "Tahoma"
        .Size = 14
        .Bold = True
    End With
    For i = 1 To .Count
        .Item(i).Font = sFnt
End With
11 Nov 2003 Resolved Steve McMahon

The Font property was not implemented. This has now been done.