Crashes on 256 Colour System if UseExplorerStyle = False


Id: 12138.21
Type: Bug Bug
Current Status: Open


7 Jan 2004 Open Frank Peters

Running an application through a Citrix Metaframe client set to 256 colour display, the ExplorerBar crashes with error code 11, division by zero when UseExplorerStyle is set to True. This problem does not occur when UseExplorerStyle is set to False, or the display depth of the client is set to more than 256 colours.

10 Jan 2004 Open Steve McMahon

Confirmed that this problem occurs on any 256 colour system. If UseExplorerStyle is set to True at design time on a 256 colour system, then VB crashes and the form cannot be reloaded until it is manually edited to set UseExplorerBar back to False.