Setting UseExplorerStyle or Style at Design time on Pre-XP Systems Crashes Control


Id: 12138.23
Type: Bug Bug
Current Status: Open


17 Dec 2003 Open Mike Blackett - FLPTN

I have just started playing with your vbAccelerator Explorer Bar Control and found a few issues running Windows 2000 sp4 with Visual Basic 6 sp5.

After adding the control onto a new blank form changing any of the following values produces an error...

Style - Object required

UseExplorerStyle - Object required

These are particularly bad, because if you change the values, ignore the warnings and close the form window, you can't open the form window again. Instead you have a "Run-time error '424': Object required" dialog box.

Also, the BackColorStart and BackColourEnd seem to have no effect. Since I am running this on Windows 2000, I have not tried it on Windows XP.

Mike Blackett

Technical Infrastructure Support Analyst

Focus DIY Limited