Mouse Up Events Only Generated During a Double Click Event


Id: 4089.1
Type: Bug Bug
Current Status: Resolved


2 May 2003 Open Ian Goodwin

I’m currently using your VB6 ListView control to develop an application. Unfortunately, I’ve run into a problem with the mouse. The MouseUp event is only generated by a double-click. A single-click does not fire the MouseUp event. I’ve had a look at the control’s source code and it appears that the ISubClass_WindowProc control isn’t receiving the message from Windows. This behaviour is demonstrated in your test application as well. I’ve only got Windows XP available to test on but I wouldn’t have thought the version of Windows would make any difference.

I was intending to use the MouseUp event to display a context sensitive mouse menu. Is there a way to correct the problem or could you suggest a workaround? Having found your ListView control I’d really hate to go back to the MS provided one!

20 Jun 2003 Resolved Steve McMahon

Mouse events fixed.