Remove and Clear Methods for ColumnHeaders are not implemented


Id: 4089.16
Type: Bug Bug
Current Status: Resolution Identified


29 Oct 2003 Open Brian Aldred

I'm currently trying out the above named control from the vbAccelerator site. Works very well and I commend you on what you have done.

I have noticed a slight bug with the columns property - in that remove and clear do not appear to have any effect.

I downloaded the source code and was somewhat baffled by the code, but I was able to work out most of it. I see that the clear function has a 'TODO' by it so that explains that. The remove function does not however and I stuck some simple test code in and still can not get columns to be removed. The SendMessage function is probably failing to remove the column (for whatever reason) and obviously it has no way of returning a failure. Has anybody else had this problem? I'm running XP Pro and VB6 SP3.

Any suggestions would be very gratefully received.

12 Nov 2003 Resolution Identified Brian Aldred

In the cColumns class, it looks like the remove method was intended to allow removal by name in addition to index; the index (passed to the remove method as a variant) was never actually passed to the method in the control.

(fRemoveColumn) - the newly dimensioned long lIdx was instead passed which means it always attempted to remove the zero'th column which the SendMessageLong never accomplished.