Suggestions for the Next Version


Id: 11.18
Type: Issue Issue
Current Status: Resolved


17 Nov 2003 Open Ivan Debono

Here are some issues which I think can be good to implement in the next version.

1. Header Control to be the latest version (ie. with grouping and filtering)

2. Grids.

a) Should have the option to extrapolate to the width and height of the grid and just to the number or rows and columns.

b) Option to display either vertical, horizontal or both grid lines

c) Option to display a double gridline for any column (sort of an accounting ledger)

3. OwnerDraw event for a cell.

4. Option to allow the scrollbar's top to be just below the header instead starting from the top of the grid

5. Header control. Option to remove the divider lines that separate the columns

6. Make the grid really with a thin border (currently does not work). To overcome this I have to set the grid with no border and then draw a thin rectangle all around.

7. Expand the width of the last column to end of the grid (or to start of the vertical scrollbar if it's there). At the moment there are abour 4 or 5 pixels short of this and it looks a little untidy.

6 Feb 2004 Resolved Steve McMahon

The following changes have now been made in SGrid 2:

1) Header control updated, although filtering is not available yet.

2) (b) Can now configure for horizontal, vertical or both gridlines.

3) OwnerDraw cells are now supported.

7) StretchLastColumnToFit method implemented.

The remainer of the items have been transferred over to the SGrid 2 BugTrak log.