Edit Cancellation Does Not Always Work


Id: 11.4
Type: Bug Bug
Current Status: Resolved


15 Jan 2003 Open Vinny DaSilva

I would display the textbox at the correct location, then on the "lostfocus" event of the textbox I would hide it and set the value, but the lost focus event never actually gets fired if the user goes from the textbox to the scrollbar, making an unpleasant effect.

9 Nov 2003 Resolution Identified Steve McMahon

The resolution to this problem is to use a Mouse Hook rather than the lost-focus event. The next version of the control will use this technique.

6 Feb 2004 Resolved Steve McMahon

SGrid 2.0 now uses a MouseHook for edit cancellation, which ensures that the edit gets cancelled regardless of where the user clicks.