vbAccelerator TabStrip Control

An implementation of the ComCtl32 TabStrip control in VB with thin edge and owner-draw style support

Tab Control Demonstration Project

This control provides a fully functional implementation of the ComCtl32 TabStrip control. The control implements all the latest features, including support for Owner-Draw tabs, and is entirely coded in VB

Features of the Control

  • Change tab alignment or from tab to button style at run-time.
  • Implements hot-tracking (mouse-over highlighting) of tabs.
  • Make buttons appear flat, with optional flat toolbar-style separators.
  • Easily add, insert and remove tabs.
  • Responds to right clicks in the tab area, allowing custom menus to be shown (check out the PopupMenu ActiveX DLL for cool pop-up menus with icons you can easily create and destroy at run-time).

How to Use the Control

Documentation for the Tab Control is available in Rich text format. This documentation was created using the ActiveX Documenter.