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vbAccelerator Visual Studio Style Tab Control

This control reimplements the tab drawing code used in the vbAccelerator MDITabs Control as a fully-featured Visual Studio style Tab Control, with a fully-typed object interface. It also supports pinning and unpinning tabs, so when they're unpinned they show a small vertical tab-bar which slides-out the tab to the display. Cool!


Last Updated: 11 May 2003

Click for vbAccelerator MDITabs Control

vbAccelerator MDITabs Control

Over the years, Microsoft applications have been moving away from the old Multiple Document Interface style to a more modern look. This component, provided as a DLL, automatically converts a VB MDI application to one which looks like Visual Studio, with a tab for each window. Tabs can be scrolled and repositioned by the user and you get an excellent usable interface with virtually no extra code. Note however that this implementation does not allow undocking or multiple tab groups.


Last Updated: 28 March 2003

Click for vbAccelerator TabStrip Control

vbAccelerator TabStrip Control

This control provides a fully functional implementation of the ComCtl32 TabStrip control. The control implements all the latest features, including support for Owner-Draw tabs, and is entirely coded in VB


Last Updated: 7 January 2003