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The vbMedia section is devoted to Graphics and Multimedia programming for VB.

Click for Image Processing

Image Processing

Quantising Bitmaps

Programmatic Creation of Drop-Shadows


Gamma Correction

Compositing Operations

Brightness and Contrast

Texturising Images

Optimised Colour Reduction Using Octrees


Last Updated: 16 April 2004

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Using WinAmp In Plugins From VB

CD Ripping in VB Part 2

CD Ripping in VB Part 1

MP3 Encoding with LAME

Wav File Viewer Control

Reading and Writing MP3 ID3v1 and ID3v2 Tags

Lossless Audio Compression

CD Track Listing Using freedb.org


Last Updated: 12 June 2004

Click for Saving Pictures to JPG

Saving Pictures to JPG

Saving Pictures to JPG Files Using GDI+

Saving Pictures to JPG Files Using the Intel JPEG Library


Last Updated: 28 March 2003

Click for DIB Sections

DIB Sections

256 Colour DIBSections

True Colour DIBSection

Resampling with Alpha

Alpha Image Creator

Alpha DIBSections


Last Updated: 5 September 2003

Click for Using GDI Plus

Using GDI Plus

Reading and Writing JPG, PNG, TIF and GIF Files

Reading EXIF and Other Image Properties Using GDI+

Scale, Rotate, Skew and Transform Images using GDI+

GDI+ Wrapper


Last Updated: 28 March 2003

Click for Colour Models

Colour Models

CMY and CMYK Colour Models

Hue Luminance and Saturation (HLS) Model and Manipulating Colours


Last Updated: 15 April 2004

Click for Movies


AVI Creation

AVI Frame Extractor


Last Updated: 23 November 2003

Click for Algorithmic Images

Algorithmic Images

Slow Grow

Cellular Automata - Crystal Model

Cellular Automata - Catalytic Reactions

Totalistic Cellular Automata

Perlin Noise


Last Updated: 1 November 2003

Click for Transparent GDI Sprite Library

Transparent GDI Sprite Library

This VB library aims to make it simple to add fast, animated graphics using transparent sprites, something which is either missing or dismally slow using VB's standard methods. The source code provides a complete screen saver, and a simpler (and somewhat smaller) sample which animates a large number of asteroids around a non-firing, invunerable spaceship. These demonstrate how the sprite library can be quickly incorporated into an application.

Transparent bitmaps are not only used for games or screen savers; Windows uses them extensively for icons and also the ImageList common control has built in functions specifically for creating transparent bitmaps.


Last Updated: 24 June 1998