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Site Update: 28 June 2004

Click for New: MAMEJump

New: MAMEJump

Flash had to be useful for something: this is it I think; covering just about every old-school arcade game with a jump option all rendered in time to Van Halen's "Jump".


Last Updated: 1 June 2004

Click for New: Dismount!

New: Dismount!

If you used to configure your train set purely for the purpose of simulating dramatic crashes into stations or over mis-set points (as I may have done), then you should find these dismounting games fun too. Good physics simulation too...


Last Updated: 1 June 2004

Click for New: Bruce Schneier's Cryptogram

New: Bruce Schneier's Cryptogram

Bruce Schneier is the author of the excellent Applied Cryptography, which is still the best resource for information on cryptographic algorithms and security. He also publishes Cryptogram, a monthly newsletter which I can't recommend highly enough.


Last Updated: 1 June 2004

Click for New: My Stuff Now

New: My Stuff Now

MyStuffNow is an application which creates discs that support Hasbro's VideoNow, a children's toy that plays audio and video mini-CDs.


Last Updated: 28 May 2004

Click for New: Server System Check (Alpha)

New: Server System Check (Alpha)

Server System Check is an in-house application, written in VB and currently under development by Wizard Software Solutions. An attractive and easy to use interface allows easy monitoring of servers for Dr. Watson errors, low diskspace and NT Service problems.


Last Updated: 25 May 2004

Click for New: Thumbnail Extractor feature in .NET Developer's Journal

New: Thumbnail Extractor feature in .NET Developer's Journal

This article in the .NET Developer's Journal reuses the Thumbnail Extractor code to create a thumbnail viewer control in .NET.


Last Updated: 22 May 2004

Type Library

Updated: Runnable Type Library (Runnable.TLB)

This Type Library was originally provided with the CodeFlow sample from the VB Owner's Area at MSDN. It contains only one interface declaration (which could equally be written in VB as a class) but does allow an ActiveX object to be created without its public interface being cluttered with items the user of the object does not care about.


Last Updated: 21 May 2004