The new vbAccelerator Site - more VB and .NET Code and Controls
Installing, Registering, COM and VB
Installation Information
The Runtime versions you need and where to get them, information about registration and more.

This page describes the files you need to run the code from this site, and also provides information on installing and getting the correct runtimes on your system.

Other Information What you Need
Most controls, DLLs and Executables downloadable from this site have been compiled using Visual Basic 5 with Service Pack 3 installed. The minimum requirement to get the compiled code to run is Visual Basic 5 with Service Pack 2. Some code submitted to the site has been compiled with Visual Basic 6. The current version of Visual Basic 6 is Service Pack 3.

The Visual Basic version you need is indicated for each download by the download icon:
&nbsp VB5 Download VB5 executables or code (orange).
&nbsp VB6 Download VB6 executables or code (blue).

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vbAccelerator and Visual Basic 6
vbAccelerator is now running VB6 (or, as I prefer to know it Visual Basic 5.2). All new binaries will come in VB5 and VB6 flavours unless the source is easy to load up. The old binaries will be migrated according to demand!.

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Ensuring You Have the Correct VB5 Runtimes
The VB5 runtime library is called MSVBVM50.DLL and is installed into your Windows\System directory. The latest version was the one shipped with Service Pack 2 has a File Version of 05.00.4319. You can check if you have this by looking in Windows\System. If you have it, select it, right click and choose properties. The File Version appears on the Version tab of the properties window.

VB5 Runtimes And Windows OS Versions
1) Windows 98
The latest version of Visual Basic 5 runtimes are installed by default with Windows 98. This version of the DLL is optimized with the WinAlign tool so that it loads more quickly (apparently).

2) Windows 95, NT4 and 2000
VB runtimes are not provided with these operating systems.

3) Windows NT3.51
VB runtimes can only be installed and run on Windows NT3.51 systems if NT3.51 Service Pack 5 or higher is installed. Even if this is done, there are a number of limitations, particularly that you cannot install the newer versions of COMCTL32.DLL and also most controls draw in the old Windows style.

Getting VB5 RunTimes
You can install the latest VB runtimes from a self-extracting executable available from the Microsoft Support site at

Download Msvbvm50.exe (1,277kb)

Getting VB6 Runtimes
VB6 runtimes can be installed from the self-extracting executable available from the Microsoft Support site at

Download Vbrun60.exe (1,031kb)

A self-extracting EXE for Goldfish and SSUBTMR.DLL
Assuming VB5 runtimes are installed correctly, this executable will install and register SSUBTMR.DLL and also the Goldfish demonstration application.

Download Goldfish.exe (214kb)

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