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Welcome to the Source Code section of vbAccelerator - the largest portion of the site. The Source Code is organised into five sections; and you can see what's new at a glance for each section. Enjoy!


ActiveX Controls &nbsp
Controls written in from scratch in VB, and extending VB's controls.
Total: 29 Articles.
Drop-Down Form Control
vbAccelerator Neo-Caption Component
vbAccelerator Transparent AVI Player
The IconMenu DLL
vbAccelerator Icon Editor Control
vbAccelerator S-Grid Control - VB6 demonstrations
vbAccelerator ListBar Control - VB6 version and fixes
Using cNewMenu.DLL to create SysTray Menus with Icons

Active X Controls.


Common Controls Library &nbsp
&nbsp VB gives you access to the many of the features of COMCTL32.DLL. But there's a lot more you can do.
Total: 25 Articles.
TreeView Control - VB6 version, drag+drop
Tab Control - VB6 version, focus support
vbAccelerator ImageList Control - VB6 version, fixes
Common Controls Library.


Code Libraries &nbsp
&nbsp Here's where the rest of the useful source code goes. In this section you will find utilities and tips.
Total: 58 Articles.
Two code-only solutions for CommonDialogs
Introduction to the freeware Info-ZIP libraries
Unzipping files
Zipping files
Compressing and Expanding with zLib.DLL
Multi-threading in ActiveX EXEs
Icons without forms and document association icons in VB
Set the Show In Taskbar property at Run Time
Setting a UserControl's BorderStyle
CommonDialog/Direct - New VB6 Binary
Common Dialogs and Hooks - Large Font fixes
cRegistry Class - Icon Association fixes
Command Lines, Associations and Running One Instance of your App
Systray the Easy Way
Code Libraries.


vbMedia &nbsp
&nbsp This section is devoted to Graphics programming under VB.
Total: 13 Articles.
Streaming WAV player
Saving VB Pictures to JPEG - New Intel IJL Library plus in-memory samples


Internet &nbsp
A small but gradually growing library of Internet related source code. In fact its growing much more gradually than I originally thought...
Total: 3 Articles.
XML Property Bag
Internet Code
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