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 Browsing for Folders

  Controllable Folder Browsing, including a method for creating a WinZip style Extract Dialog Box

 NOTE: this code has been superceded by the version at the new site.


vbAccelerator Browse For Folder Sample - WinZip Style

Download the vbAccelerator Browse For Folder DLL Only (17kb)
Download the vbAccelerator Browse For Folder Sample Code (9kb)
Download the vbAccelerator Browse For Folder Samples and Source Code (53kb)

&nbsp Before you Begin &nbsp
&nbsp The source code project requires the IShellFolder Extended Type Library v1.2 (ISHF_Ex.TLB) when running in the IDE. Make sure you have downloaded and registered this before trying the project. &nbsp

The Folder Browse Dialog is the missing dialog in VB - it can't be called from a run-time function and it is missing from the Common Dialog OCX as well. Whilst a number of code samples demonstrate that calling this dialog is simple, many ignore the most important feature: the ability to initialise a folder browse dialog to the user's previously selected folder or to some default.

This control also offers the ability to capture the Browse for Folder dialog into your own VB form and respond to browse events such as folder change.

About The Browse For Folder Dialog
The code for this sample should be pretty clear. The implementation of the Dialog is provided in vbalFlBr.DLL (vbAccelerator Folder Browse Library), which exposes two classes and one interface to implement:

  1. cBrowseForFolder
    This exposes the standard Browse for folder dialog. Use this interface on its own to provide a standard folder picker.
  2. cCaptureBF
    This interface provides the implementation to show an instance of the Browse for Folder dialog object of class cBrowseForFolder within a form which implements the ICaptureBF interface.
  3. ICaptureBF
    The interface a form should implement if it wishes to show a captured folder.

Documentation for the vbAccelerator Browse For Folder component's properties, methods and classes is available as an RTF. This documentation was created with the ActiveX Documenter .

Click here to download/view the vbAccelerator Browse For Folder component documentation

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