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2 Common Controls Library &nbsp

vbAccelerator Tab Control

An all VB TabStrip control with thin edge and owner-draw style support

NOTE: this code has been superceded by the version at the new site.

vbAccelerator Tab Control Demonstrator

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VB5 code VB5 Control Binary & Demonstration (36kb) VB6 code VB6 Control Binary & Demonstration (36kb)
VB5 code VB5 Full Source Code (55kb) VB6 code VB6 Full Source Code (55kb)
Required Files:
  • vbAccelerator SSubTmr.DLL for VB5
  • vbAccelerator VB5 ImageList control
  • Ole Guids and Interface Definitions type library (OleGuids.TLB)
  • Required Files:
  • vbAccelerator SSubTmr6.DLL for VB6
  • vbAccelerator VB6 ImageList control
  • Ole Guids and Interface Definitions type library (OleGuids.TLB)
  • &nbsp UpdatedUpdated! 21 March 2000 &nbsp
    &nbsp Posted a VB6 version of the control, plus made these additions and fixes: &nbsp
    &nbsp Added keyboard and tabstop support. &nbsp
    &nbsp Added thin border style - with this set the control draws with an elegant 1 pixel border rather than the heavy standard 3D effect. &nbsp
    &nbsp Added the owner draw style to allow drawing of customised tabs. &nbsp
    &nbsp Source Code Note &nbsp
    &nbsp This OCX is a binary compatible component which works with all other samples. If you compile your own copy of this OCX yourself please make sure you change the name. See disclaimer and license for more details. &nbsp

    The TabStrip Control
    Yet another control in the vbAccelerator Common Controls series, this control provides a fully functional implementation of the TabStrip control. The control implements all the latest COMCTL32.DLL features and is entirely coded in VB.


    • Change tab alignment or from tab to button style at run-time.
    • Implements hot-tracking (mouse-over highlighting) of tabs.
    • Make buttons appear flat, with optional flat toolbar-style separators.
    • Easily add, insert and remove tabs.
    • Responds to right clicks in the tab area, allowing custom menus to be shown (check out the New Menus DLL for cool pop-up menus with icons you can easily create and destroy at run-time).
    How to Use the Control
    Documentation for the Tab Control is available in Rich text format. This documentation was created using the ActiveX Documenter which is also available for download.

    Download or View the vbAccelerator TabStrip Documentation (9kb)

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