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cPopMenu Control Revision History

10 January 1999: A major update to the control:

  • The control now works in MDI projects where there are multiple child form menus. Check the demonstration project Using the Icon Menu control in MDI projects with multiple child form menus to see how to do it.
  • Added InsertItem and RemoveItem methods. Now it is much easier to create new menu items.
  • Added ReplaceItem method to allow multiple properties of a menu item to be updated in a single call.
  • Added support for MDI forms with multiple child window menus.
  • Added the MenuDefault property. Setting this property for a menu item causes the text to be drawn in a bold font, like the default menu items on popup-menus.
  • Added the CheckForNewMenuItems method. This allows you to work around (in a somewhat limited way) the lack of support for VB's Load, Unload and Visible methods. See the main cPopMenu article for a description.
  • Added the MenuItemsPerScreen property. This returns the number of menu items which can be shown vertically and can be used in combination with the new Caption special characters to break menus:
  • The Caption property now supports two more special characters in addition to "-" (menu separator bar):
    1. If you prefix your caption with "|" (pipe) then a vertical break will be added and the menu will be shown in a new column.
    2. Prefixing the caption with "^" means the new menu will be added to a new column but there will be no vertical break between the columns.
  • Added the BackgroundBitmap property - this allows you to set a picture which will be tiled behind the menu items.
  • Fixed bug in the Caption property - when you changed a menu's caption, and the new caption was a different length to the previous one, the menu did not resize to accommodate the new item. This could lead to menus which were too wide, or truncation of the caption text.
  • Fixed bug in the MenuKey property - this was never saved for new items added to the menu. (Doh!) Now it works correctly for all menu items.
  • Cleaned up the sample demonstration code to exercise all the new features, and added more comments. Thanks to everyone who wrote in with bug reports and feature requests!

    Previous Control Changes
    22 November 1998: The MenuExit event was not fired for the first menu in the control. Thanks to Aaron Abdis for pointing this out.

    10 October 1998: Fixed a bug where a VB status bar sometimes failed to refresh when a form was loaded. Also, occasionally the control would interrupt processing of WM_COMMAND messages.

    29 July 1998: various improvements have been incorporated into the drawing routine so disabled and checked items draw more clearly. Thanks to Kim Pedersen for his input.

    16 August 1998: The control now checks the size of the bitmaps/icons being used and makes the menu icons as small as possible. Also, a bug which was causing the control to draw menu items into the panels of a Status Bar has been fixed. Thanks to Gary Smith and Kim Pedersen.

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