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About Rich Edit Version 2.0

Feature differences between RichEdit 1.0 and RichEdit 2.0

Rich Edit version 2.0 incorporates several additional features, such as support for Unicode and Asian languages, multilevel Undo, COM interfaces, and numerous UI enhancements:
  • Unicode
    Unicode eases the effort in handling international text. However effort is needed to maintain compatibility with existing non-Unicode documents; that is, the ability to convert to/from non-Unicode plain and rich text. Also, substantial effort is needed to run correctly on Windows 95.
  • General international support
    General line breaking algorithm (extension of Kinsoku rules), simple font linking, keyboard font switching.
  • Asian support
    Level 2 (dialog box) and 3 (inline) is supported in IMEs.
  • Find Up/Find Down support
    Searching forward and backward is supported.
  • Bidirectional support
    This is included in Rich Edit 2.1
  • Multilevel undo
    An extensible Undo architecture allows client to participate in application-wide Undo model.
  • Magellan mouse support
    This is the mouse with a roller for scrolling.
  • Dual-font support
    The keyboard can automatically switch fonts when the active font is inappropriate for current keyboard, for example, Kanji characters in Times New Roman.
  • Smart font apply
    Font change request does not apply Western fonts to Asian characters.
  • Improved display
    An off-screen bitmap is used when multiple fonts occur on the same line. This allows, for example, the last letter of the word cool not to be chopped off.
  • Transparency support
    Also in windowless mode.
  • System selection colors
    Used for selecting text.
  • Automatic URL recognition
    Can check for a number of URL formats (for example, http:)
  • Microsoft Word edit UI compatibility
    Selection, cursor-keypad semantics.
  • Microsoft Word standard EOP
    The end-of-paragraph mark (CR) can also handle CRLF (carriage return, line-feed).
  • Plain-text as well as rich-text functionality
    Single-character format and single-paragraph format.
  • Single-line and multiline controls
    Truncate at first end-of-paragraph and no wordwrap.
  • Accelerator keys
    Accelerator keys are supported.
  • Password window style
    Password edit controls are supplied through EM_GETPASSWORDCHAR and EM_SETPASSWORDCHAR.
  • Scalable architecture
    To reduce instance size.
  • Windowless operation and interfaces
    This is provided through the ITextHost and ITextServices interfaces.
  • COM dual interfaces
    Microsoft Text Object Model (TOM) interfaces.
    Added font weight, background color, locale identifier, underline type, superscript and subscript (in addition to offset), disabled effect. For RTF roundtripping only, added amount to space between letters, twip size above which to kern character pair, animated-text type, various effects: font shadow/outline, all caps, small caps, hidden, embossed, imprint, and revised.
    Added space before and after and Microsoft Word line spacing. For RTF roundtripping only, added shading weight/style, numbering start/style/tab, border space/width/sides, tab alignment/leaders, various Microsoft Word paragraph effects: RTL paragraph, keep, keep-next, page-break-before, no-line-number, no-widow-control, do-not-hyphenate, side-by-side.
  • More RTF roundtripping
    All of the Microsoft Word FormatFont and FormatParagraph properties.
  • Code stability and stabilization
    Examples: parameter and object validation, function invariants, reentrancy guards, object stabilization.
  • Strong testing infrastructure
    Including extensive regressions tests.
  • Improved performance
    Smaller working set, faster load and redisplay times, etc.

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