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IPerPropertyBrowse DLL and Type Library

Demonstration Project

Download the IPerPropertyBrowse code (20kb)

This excellent sample from Paul Wilde ( shows you how to respond to property browse events in the VB IDE and customise the available items to pick from.

The sample includes:

  • A type library (OLETypes.tlb) exposing the IDispatch and IPerPropertyBrowsing interfaces to VB, including ODL source code.
  • Source for a Visual Basic DLL (EXPerProp.DLL) which wraps up the seriously tricky bits of getting VB to respond to the interface.
  • Two sample projects demonstrating the features of the DLL.
The first sample project shows you how to override the property browse display text with friendlier names.

The second sample project demonstrates how to provide a pick-list of objects on the control's form in the property browser.

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