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Transparent AVI Player Control

The Animation control supplied with VB (and from various other VB websites) is derived from the implementation within COMCTL32.DLL. However, this implementation only allows you to play AVIs with no audio stream. Also, its idea of transparency isn't quite what you might expect: setting an AVI to transparent only sets one of the colours in the AVI to another colour, rather than allowing you to draw part of the background.

If you want to play any type of AVI, or you want to modify the contents of the transparent area, you must load and draw the AVI yourself using the API. Luckily, this API is easily accessible to VB coders.


Last Updated: 23 November 2003

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ComCtl32.DLL Animation Control Class

This article presents a simple class you can use to load AVIs from files or an application's resource file for display whilst the application is performing a long operation.


Last Updated: 11 February 2003