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Click for Combo and List Boxes

Combo and List Boxes

vbAccelerator ComboBoxEx Control

Using ecdClientDrawOnly with the Owner Draw Combo List Box Control

Owner Draw Combo and List Boxes Version 2.1

Office/VS.NET Style Flat Combo Boxes


Last Updated: 29 September 2003

Click for Progress Bar

Progress Bar

vbAccelerator Progress Bar Class

vbAccelerator Progress Bar Control

Media Progress Bar Renderer


Last Updated: 5 July 2003

Click for ListBar


vbAccelerator ListBar Control

vbAccelerator Visual Studio Style ToolBox ListBar

Button ListBar Control


Last Updated: 5 July 2003

Click for Status Bar

Status Bar

vbAccelerator Status Bar Control

vbAccelerator No Status Bar Control


Last Updated: 21 June 2003

Click for vbAccelerator ListView Control

vbAccelerator ListView Control

This control provides an alternative to the VB ListView control and adds support for almost all of the new ComCtl32.DLL v6.0 features that are missing from the VB version: ListView grouping, Tile view with configurable sub-items, Multiple Work Areas and more.


Last Updated: 20 June 2003

Click for UserControl OLE Extensions

UserControl OLE Extensions

Using IPerPropertyBrowse to Customise the Design Time Properties for a Control

vbAccelerator UserControl COM Support Library

Using IOLEControl to intercept Alt-keys and Determine when events are frozen


Last Updated: 7 June 2003

Click for Utility Controls

Utility Controls

ComCtl32.DLL HotKey Control

ComCtl32 Header Control


Last Updated: 11 May 2003

Click for Tab Controls

Tab Controls

vbAccelerator MDITabs Control

vbAccelerator TabStrip Control

vbAccelerator Visual Studio Style Tab Control


Last Updated: 11 May 2003

Click for Icon Controls

Icon Controls

vbAccelerator Icon Editor Control

vbAccelerator Icon Selector Control


Last Updated: 28 March 2003

Click for vbAccelerator Scroll Buttons Control

vbAccelerator Scroll Buttons Control

This control provides an implementation of an API scroll bar control which can be extended to display completely configurable buttons at either end of the scroll bar. This way you can add extra functionality like the VB code editor's Procedure/Full Module view buttons or zoom in and out buttons like those seen in music applications like Cakewalk and Acid.


Last Updated: 2 January 2002