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Add a Check Box to the left hand side of a Drop-Down Combo Box (21/02/99)
NewDetecting Display Size or System Colour Depth Changes (18/08/99)
NewDetecting Windows Settings Changes (18/08/99)
Determine whether a file is in the Internet Explorer cache (21/02/99)
Forcing a local or remote NT system to reboot (09/08/98)
How to Shutdown the System in Windows 9x and NT (09/08/98)
Retrieving the Error Message for a Windows API Call Error (09/08/98)
Set Left and Right Margin of Text Boxes and Combo Boxes (21/02/99)
Show and Hide a Form's Titlebar at run-time (09/08/98)
NewSystem Internet Connection - Determining How and If Connected (17/08/99)
NewTextBox control - adding Cut, Copy, Paste, Undo and Delete command support (18/08/99)

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