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NewTextBox control - adding Cut, Copy, Paste, Undo and Delete command support (18/08/99)
NewDetecting Display Size or System Colour Depth Changes (18/08/99)
NewDetecting Windows Settings Changes (18/08/99)
NewGenerating Long Sequences of Unique Numbers (18/08/99)
NewCopy the entire contents of a PictureBox to the clipboard (18/08/99)
NewCreate an API hFont from a VB StdFont object. (17/08/99)
NewGet System Display Fonts and Non-Client Area Sizes (17/08/99)
NewSystem Internet Connection - Determining How and If Connected (17/08/99)
NewCompact a Long Path Name to fit a given space (17/08/99)
HiWords and LoWords from Long Values (21/02/99)
Implementing Unsigned Right and Left Shift Operators (21/02/99)
Set Left and Right Margin of Text Boxes and Combo Boxes (21/02/99)
Add a Check Box to the left hand side of a Drop-Down Combo Box (21/02/99)
Detect when a Combo Box Drops Down or Closes Up (21/02/99)
Determine whether a file is in the Internet Explorer cache (21/02/99)
Create a VB Picture Object from a GDI Bitmap Handle (13/10/98)
Create a VB Picture from an API Icon Handle (12/10/98)
Change the drop-down width of a combo box (12/10/98)
Make a ComboBox drop down when you press the down arrow key (12/10/98)
Forcing a local or remote NT system to reboot (09/08/98)
Retrieving the Error Message for a Windows API Call Error (09/08/98)
How to Shutdown the System in Windows 9x and NT (09/08/98)
Get an RGB Colour from an OLE_COLOR (09/08/98)
Replace one Colour with another in a Picture using BitBlt (09/08/98)
Show and Hide a Form's Titlebar at run-time (09/08/98)
Get the Desktop Device Context (01/08/98)
Get a Picture of the Desktop's Contents (01/08/98)
Force an area of a Window to Repaint (01/08/98)
Prevent a window from repainting (01/08/98)
Get the state of a key at any time (01/08/98)
Read the NumLock and CapsLock key states (01/08/98)
Determine every format available on the clipboard, including custom formats (01/08/98)
Restrict Mouse Movement to an Area of the Desktop (01/08/98)
Read a custom clipboard format (01/08/98)
Create a mask image (all black for the transparent colour otherwise white) from a bitmap (01/08/98)
Start a document based on its filename (01/08/98)
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