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Calendar Control

A highly customisable Calendar control with complete VB Source

Calendar Control in Action

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&nbsp Before you Begin &nbsp
&nbsp This project optionally uses SSubTmr.DLL component to support flat combo boxes. If you don't need flat combo boxes then just remove cFlatControl.cls from the test project and delete the associated code. &nbsp

The CalendarVB control is a highly flexible calendar control from Mike Gainer at CTR Business Systems. He says:

"CalendarVB was going to be a financial type of calendar control for a customer of ours, but ended up not being used. So rather than just having it lying around collecting dust, we've decided to release the control's code as unsupported freeware, to do with as you wish. The control uses VB's date functions and date data type, so it should be Y2K compliant (according to Microsoft anyway. The testing that we did do with the control would seem to support this)."

So you get the fun of playing with it! And there is plenty of code to play with here...

Programming With The Calendar Control
When you load up the source you will see The CalendarVB has 3 styles, Month, Week, and Period. Period is totally customizable and allows the programmer to specify the number of periods per year and the number of weeks for each period. The periods must be defined at the code level, the default is 13 periods, 4 weeks each.

The License code was based on Jose Mojica's book ActiveX Controls with Visual Basic 5.0, published by IDG Books WorldWide, Inc.

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