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Welcome to the VB section of vbAccelerator - currently the largest section of the site. Here you will find all the source code including the vbAccelerator controls and libraries, longer articles describing some thorny issues in VB, short VB code tips, VB Utilities, useful type libraries and information on installing and using the VB code on the site.

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Last Updated: 12 June 2004

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Preventing Logoff or Shutdown

Mapping NT Device Names to Drive Letters and vice-versa

Creating a new GDI Bitmap from a VB Picture or DC

Generating Random Boolean Sequences Using Cellular Automata

SendKeys using the API

Responding to AppCommands

Change The Width of Items in a Listbox

Working with Multiple Monitors


Last Updated: 2 June 2004

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Type Libraries

VB IMAPI (CD Burning) Interfaces (IVBIMAPI.tlb)

Runnable Type Library (Runnable.TLB)

VBStrm Type Library (STRM.TLB)

GDI+ Type Library (GDIPlus.TLB)


VB IExtractImage Interface (IVBExtractImageLib.tlb)

VB IShellLink Interface (ShellLink.tlb)

Shell Extension Interfaces v1.01 (SHLEXT.tlb)


Last Updated: 10 June 2004

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Alpha Icon Creator Utility

Bitmap Extractor Utility

GUI Resource Tracer

Visual Basic Project Zip Utility

ActiveX Documenter

Simple Windows Spy Utility

VB Type Library Registration Utility

Icon Extractor Utility


Last Updated: 15 April 2004