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Click for Office/VS.NET Style Flat Combo Boxes

Office/VS.NET Style Flat Combo Boxes

This project provides a class which subclasses Combo Boxes and other controls so that they draw in a flat style and highlight when the mouse is over or they are in focus. The class works on all types of Combo and ComboBoxEx controls as well as on TextBoxes and PictureBoxes. By default, the Office 10/VS.NET drawing style is used, but there is also an Office 9 style.


Last Updated: 29 September 2003

ComboBoxEx Drive Picker Mode

vbAccelerator ComboBoxEx Control

This article presents an implementation of the Common Controls ComboBoxEx control from scratch in Visual Basic. Although this control is available with some versions of VB, this version provides a number of enhancements including pre-built styles (drive picking, font picking, colour picking) and helper such as auto-completion. And you get the full source code to play around with!


Last Updated: 26 January 2003

Owner Draw Combo and List Box

Owner Draw Combo and List Boxes Version 2.1

Owner draw combo and list boxes are an excellent way to improve the look and feel of your application. However, there is little support for them in Visual Basic. The only owner-draw combo box supplied is the Checked list box style, but this is a preset list box style with no possibility for customisation. Here I provide a new control, completely written in Visual Basic, which does all the hard work of setting up an owner draw combo or list box. It also provides some great looking preset implementations:

  • Choosing colours
  • Choosing system colours
  • Choosing fonts
  • Drawing combo or list boxes with icons, indentations and different font and fore/back colours for each item
  • Selecting paragraph styles, similar to the paragraph picker in Word


Last Updated: 19 December 2002

Custom Draw Combo Box Texture Picker

Using ecdClientDrawOnly with the Owner Draw Combo List Box Control

This article demonstrates how to use the ecdClientDrawOnly mode of the vbAccelerator Owner Draw and Combo List Box control to draw completely customised Combo Boxes (note that exactly the same technique applies for List Boxes as well). The sample provides three useful implementations - a line picker, a line dash picker and a texture or background picker.


Last Updated: 19 December 2002