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Media Progress Bar Renderer

Windows Media Player has a neat progress bar showing how its getting on whilst burning files to CD or other long operations. This article presents a reusable class which draws a progress bar in a similar presentation. The resulting bar can be drawn to anything that exposes an hDC, and therefore can be integrated with a progress bar or even a Custom-Draw ListView exactly as Media Player does.


Last Updated: 5 July 2003

Progress Bar Class

vbAccelerator Progress Bar Class

This article provides a class that allows you to draw progress bars onto any control, form or API created object with a hDC property. The drawing code is derived from the vbAccelerator Progress Bar control and all functionality except Image Processing and persistence of data is included.


Last Updated: 28 March 2003

Progress Bar Styles

vbAccelerator Progress Bar Control

This control provides a highly flexible Progress Bar control with an array of drawing styles, including XP Style, segmented/non-segmented, bitmap bars and backgrounds and more. Alternatively, if you don't want the convenient packaging and design-time property settings provided by a control, you can also get the same code as class.


Last Updated: 19 December 2002