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vbAccelerator Icon Selector Control

This control provides a simple to use icon selector, and works in the exactly the same way as the Change Icon dialog in Windows. You can either use it to select existing icons, or you can add your own.


Last Updated: 28 March 2003

Icon Editor Control Demonstration

vbAccelerator Icon Editor Control

The vbAccelerator Icon Editor control is an all-VB control which allows Icon Editing facilities, with the aim of providing a similar level of facilities to the Icon Editor provided in Visual Studio. The control builds upon the cFileIcon Class to allow writing as well as reading icons, and adds full graphical editing facilites.

This control is the first of two parts: this part provides the graphical interface for drawing various shapes and making and manipulating selections; the second part of the project will be to provide partner control(s) which provide the tool and colour selections for the Icon Editor. For the purposes of this sample, tool and colour selections are currently made via the sample project's menu structure.


Last Updated: 21 March 2000