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Click for ComCtl32 Header Control

ComCtl32 Header Control

This article provides a fully-featured Header Control directly from COMCTL32.DLL. The latest version uniquely provides support for Outlook-style drag-drop grouping of columns as well as in place column filtering.

It is a good building block for generating your own controls. Check out the S-Grid project to see the control in use in an all-VB grid control (new version with auto-grouping coming end of April!)


Last Updated: 11 May 2003

Click for ComCtl32.DLL HotKey Control

ComCtl32.DLL HotKey Control

The hotkey control is one of the controls provided as part of COMCTL32.DLL, but, being of somewhat limited utility, has never found its way into Visual Basic's controls. If you need one, however, it does the job really well.

When it has focus, you can press CTRL, ALT and SHIFT key combinations, and it will show the chosen key combination as a string in a text box. You can then use the key combination as, in this example, a hot key for the application, or you could use it as a menu accelerator.


Last Updated: 22 November 1999