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30 May 1999


Back again! It took a while to get this stuff working, but I hope you'll agree it was worth the wait...

The vbAccelerator CoolMenu Toolbar and Rebar Control is the flagship control release this month at vbAccelerator. A superb update to this control provides you with full CoolMenu support (where the menu is run from a toolbar inside the rebar control).

The vbAccelerator COM Support Library is another amazing release from Paul Wilde. VB6 and VB5 DLLs allow you to create native collections and hook into low level run-time and design-time COM interfaces. If you want to create a truly professional VB COM objects then you need this library!

Version 2.01 of the Popup Menu ActiveX DLL (cNewMenu.DLL) has been released to support the new CoolMenu facilities of the vbAccelerator CoolMenu Toolbar and Rebar control:
ComboBoxEx Owner Drawn Combo Box. An all VB implementation of the ComboBoxEx control. Great for VB5 users and also adds facilities not available in the VB6 version. Owner-draw support allows you to draw your own combo boxes, and the control also has built in support for colour, drive and font picking.
Using the System Image List With (and Without) vbAccelerator controls. Provides a class making it easy to access the system Image List. Sample code demonstrates a cool Owner-Draw version of the VB FileListBox.
Save VB Pictures to JPEG. Code demonstrates how to use the free Intel® JPEG library with the cDIBSection class.
Goldfish upgraded so it includes the new CoolMenu Toolbar control, and also to fix some minor bugs with its file handling.
Version 2.1 of the Owner Draw Combo and List Box control has been released. This is a minor update to the control, which fixes problems with the Auto-complete code, some font and drawing issues and adds some extra events. Read about the updates.
Lots of great new Icons in the Icon Library, including a great collection of Win2000 icons and several new picture strips for the Toolbar and Image List controls.
We've had a minor redesign - I hope this makes the site a bit easier to navigate! Also there is now the facility to Search the entire text of the site.

21 March 1999


There were a few bugs in the release version of the S-Grid Control. Now fixed! Make sure you have version 1.00.0039. Please note also that the demonstration project requires version 1.2 of the ImageList control. Thanks to Dion Wiggins, Sven Wiese Solty and Lance Franklin for their bug reports and code!
Version 1.2 of the vbAccelerator Image List Control has been released. The new version greatly improves the usability of the control in design mode, fixes bugs in the class causing the wrong icon size to be loaded and images to order incorrectly and also adds support for .GIF, .CUR and .ANI files.
The Text at Any Angle code article has been updated. The code I used to convert an OLE StdFont object into a GDI font did not take account of the font's character set. This meant it was impossible to use certain fonts, for example Symbol fonts. The code is now updated. Thanks to Lance Franklin for sending me the fix for this code.

14 March 1999


Release of the S-Grid Control. S-Grid is an all VB grid giving you the control other grids don't, and all in 240kb. Create Outlook-style grids, span column text across rows, freely set row and column heights, set colours and fonts for each cell, add icons to cells, sort and group data...

27 February 1999


Despite being promised for January, this release seems to have made its way almost into March. This was unfortunately caused by an bug in Microsoft's C runtime library working out daylight saving hours. Probably.

Release 2 of the Popup Menu DLL. This release fixes a horrible bug and adds support for ICQ-style separators, default items and full or partial Owner-Draw of menu items - allowing for some marvellous new menu styles: Also at release 2, the Flat Combo-box Extender DLL has been re-written from the ground up, not just to cast off its MFC origins, but also so it emulates more closely the Office 97 combo box style and works with other controls too.
More samples of cool things you should be able to do with VB but you can only do by using subclassing. Check out: Its MultiMedia time! New in the vbMedia section: A minor fix to the CommonDialog/Direct library allowing you to use the File Open dialog to pick multiple files.
New Tips - combo and text box borders, bit manipulation, detecting if Internet files are in the cache.

What's Coming
In store at vbAccelerator -
  • VB6 Binaries and Projects Coming Up. Thanks to Ed Haswell, I now have VB6 code for some key components and samples. Release due 10 March.
  • S-Grid preparing for release. This component, currently on preview release, is coming to the end of its beta programme and is due for release on 10 March. Unless there another date bug.
  • Version 2 of the vbAccelerator Toolbar and Rebar is under construction. An article in MSJ has shown me how to put a menu bar into a toolbar, so prepare to create seriously cool interfaces soon!
  • RichEdit 2.0 (as mentioned at Matt Hart's VB Page) preparing for release. If you want to participate in the final beta programme starting mid-April then please email me with the subject line RichEdit Beta 2. If you've previously received code, I'll try to locate you but it won't hurt to write again!
  • Windows Hook DLL (vbalHook.DLL). If nothing else can intercept a keyboard, mouse event or message event then this will. Like subclassing but applies to every single control and window in your project simultaneously!
  • Docking Windows. After three months of zero progress, I now think I've solved the major problem. This project is going to be delivered in incremental stages. First stage - convert any form into a tear-off drop-down window.

Oh, and just for fun, read this: Feedback received by CCRP on their controls. A member of CCRP's downloading public, despite being several sandwiches short of a picnic, attempts to make a point about COM and Version compatibility. This amuses vbAccelerator a lot. More madness please!

10 January 1999


There are a number of updates in this release as well as new stuff. Another release is scheduled before the end of the month for the new S-Grid control (Check out the preview!).

Release 2 of the Icon Menu control. This version adds support for MDI projects with multiple child menus and allows you to Insert and Delete menu items, making it a lot easier to use. Bugs are also fixed. Read about the changes to the control. Many thanks to everyone (too many to list!) who wrote in with feature suggestions and bug reports.
Release 2 of the Owner Draw Combo and List Box. This version fixes the two major outstanding issues with the control - faulty and hacked focus support and failure to respond to font changes correctly. The new version demonstrates how to respond to the IOLEInPlaceActiveObject interface to correctly set focus in a VB control which contains a Win32API window. Read about the changes to the control. Many thanks to Mike Gainer, Matt Curland and Bill Storage for providing code to help me do this.
The Goldfish demonstration application is finally released (only six months after originally promised :)! This stores a history of clipboard changes in multiple formats and also lets you create libraries of information. Includes the first release of my full VB RichEdit control implementation.
Added the Add Real Win32 Scroll bars to Forms, PictureBoxes and UserControls code.
Added the Passing command line parameters to an existing instance of your app, and making sure only one instance runs. full-length article.
Added the Reading .ICO files and resources in VB code sample.
Added the Icon Explorer Resource which demonstrates the class developed for reading .ICO files and resources by allowing you to steal icons from other executables.
Many updates and minor bug-fixes in older articles:

Added some more Icon Resources, including a good collection of 32 24x24 256 colour icons.
Updated the Links with some new VB and randomised other links.

Archive of previous What's New information.


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